Summer is Here?

29 Jul

This year has been a very strange weather year for Calgary. We still have lush green lawns and the watering of gardens has been at a minimum. It seems that most days we get a rain storm or showers that keep everything growing and watered. Usually by this time of year, lawns, grass on the side of the road and plants are turning yellow since it is so dry in the ground. This year, the west coast is having a drought and getting the hot weather that we usually see more of in Alberta.

I enjoy the summer sun and love to be tanned but I do not like how hot the house will get with the summer temperatures. So I guess the showers in the afternoon/evenings are welcoming  since it cools down the house for sleeping.  I do hope this weekend is nice and sunny and warm, not too hot but warm enough to wear shorts and a tank top and enjoy camping out in Elbow Valley. I am really looking forward to camping with some good friends and relaxing for a weekend. We have been very busy lately with house reno’s, family visiting, friends moving and of course WORK!

5 days of work left for Wes and then he is starting school in September at the University of Calgary. I am very proud of Wes and know he is going to enjoy working on his Master’s Degree. I am excited for Wes and look forward to seeing what career doors open for him.

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